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War Brick Headquarter

Brick Veteran | F-15E 335TH FS (Pre-Order)

Brick Veteran | F-15E 335TH FS (Pre-Order)

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Pre-Order. This kit is expected to ship in October / November 2024.

~1700+ pieces
~ 60+ printed elements
- Includes two special edition pilot figures
- Includes a stand
- There are no stickers with the kit or with the add-on.

The optional add-on pack is only available to those who purchase the full kit and limited to 1 add-on per kit purchased - not one add-on per type but one add-on in total.  The .XML file will be made available approximately 35 days after shipment so people may purchase the additional bricks required to build their add-on into a second model. 

Included loadout:
- 4x AIM-9
- 4x LGB Paveway
- Drop tanks

*Prototype shown which may be subject to minor revisions.*

Limited to 100 kits.

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