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War Brick Headquarter



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Continuing a deep dive into the Marine Corps in WWII, Lando wanted to tackle a really unique Marine. This figure is largely based on the well known photo of the 7th Marine Regiment landing on Okinawa in 1945, most notably the grunt front and center, carrying a trench shotgun. 

Featuring the P1941 HBT utility uniform, Navy "Boondocker" boots, Marine contract rifle belt and canteen cover standard with my last figure. I've added the Marine Corps specific contract for the WWI vintage grenade vest, possibly used to carry shotgun shells, and the Marine P1941 pack system with frogskin poncho folded inside. This figure again, would be appropriate for most WWII builds, although I've based the art specifically on the Okinawa reference. I've also opted to include the wrap-around, inside the leg artwork for the Marine leggings, generally worn during landing operations, but removed shortly after. Most notably, these distinct leggings led to the infamous "yellowlegs" nickname for Marines later in Korea. 

Collectors Edition - Signature by Landon Reimer, complete with alternative yellow and 'sun-tanned' heads, sealed plastic collectors slab with Brick Warp artwork, original Marine frogskin camouflage material sample. 

Base Model - Complete figure in hand-stamped numbered case inspired by WWII era packaging. No alternate heads, not sealed. This packaging again, is hand-stamped and is not intended to look perfect. 

  • Custom printed BrickArms M1 Steel Pot helmet with beach/tan frogskin artwork 
  • Custom printed minifigure head 
  • P1941 HBT Utility Uniform (worn) 
  • Marine Contract M1923 cartridge belt 
  • P2 Marine Canteen Cover
  • White USMC undershirt 
  • Navy N1 (Boondocker) Boots
  • Marine Contract Grenade Vest 
  • P1941 Haversack with shovel, M1917 bayonet, and frogskin poncho 
  • Inside leg Marine leggings/gaiters printing 
  • Classic Lego yellow and sun tanned head variations (included with original and collectors edition) 
  • Holographically sealed packaging (original and collectors edition) 
  • Original Frogskin Camouflage Poncho Sample (original and collectors edition)
  • Hand stamped WWII inspired packaging (base model) 

Information Info: Art and printing by Lando on genuine factory direct Lego bricks. This is a custom product created independently and not affiliated or endorsed by Lego.

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