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War Brick Headquarter

TDB | Ranger Spec Ops Vehicle(RSOV)

TDB | Ranger Spec Ops Vehicle(RSOV)

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Pieces: 300 GENUINE LEGO® & custom Brickarms® accessories

Minifigs: 2 premier TMC® Modern era U.S. Rangers

Designer: TDB® - The Defender Brick® staff

Theme: Modern Military

Difficulty: Advanced (4 of 5)

Width:      7,6 cm
Length:   17,1 cm
Height:     7,7 cm 

You can fit up to 6 minifigs - 2 included

All authentic LEGO®️ parts and custom TDB®️ elements included as follow:

  • N.1 RSOV - Ranger Special Operations Vehicle.
  • N.1 custom Brickarms®️ machine gun “M2HB 0.50 browning”.
  • N.1 Lego®️ Printed tile with light swhitch and 2 white gauges pattern.
  • N.1 custom Lego®️ Printed tile with TDB®️ personalized front grille pattern.
  • N.2 custom Lego®️ Printed bricks with "Chevron" logo.
  • N.2 premier TMC® Modern era U.S. Rangers minifigs.
  • N.2 premier custom TMC® design and injection molded fast helmets.
  • N.2 custom Brickarms®️ machine guns "M240B".
  • N.2 custom Brickarms®️ rifles "XM177/CAR-15 Ziccardi".

This kit is inspired by different vehicles in the modern warfare category. Any Resemblance to Real Vehicles or Actual Facts Is Purely Coincidental. TDB®️ - The Defender Brick®️ does NOT support nor endorse any war and does not support any political faction.

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