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War Brick Headquarter

WLST | PANZER 3 Ausf.J Afrika Korps.

WLST | PANZER 3 Ausf.J Afrika Korps.

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Command your own brigade!

Embark on a historical journey to World War II’s North African Campaign with the PANZER 3 Ausf.J Afrika Korps custom LEGO model. The Panzer III, a pivotal medium tank in the German army, was crucial in battles from Poland to the Soviet Union. However, it was in the hot and dusty terrains of North Africa where this model, the Ausf.J, played a noteworthy role alongside the famed Afrika Korps.

The WLST custom LEGO model precisely captures the unique characteristics of the PANZER 3 Ausf.J, providing an insightful look into the engineering and tactical application of mid-20th-century armored vehicles. Through detailed design, builders and collectors will engage with historical context, gaining a deeper appreciation for the technical advancements and strategic deployment of wartime machinery.

⬖ All authentic LEGO parts

⬖ Including 3 mini-figures and a WW2 German Motorcycle

⬖ Can be towed by the Sd.Kfz.7 half-track.

⬖ WLST 2023 version. 

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